1. The Stranger – Creeper

Whilst not part of the main list by virtue of being an EP, this release is worthy of mention, and is by far my favourite EP of the year so far, by my favourite young band. Hailing from Southampton, Creeper at first seems another alternative band to grace the pages of Kerrang! for a year or so, then fade away into irrelevance.

This EP begs to differ. The band’s third attempt, it blends gothic punk with rock ballads, with the result sounding like the lovechild of the Misfits and My Chemical Romance. Opening bass line of ‘Black Mass’ could have come straight from a Dead Kennedys album, getting the blood pumping and igniting the desire to dance, launching into a monologue of unrequited childhood love, before all the instruments abruptly stop, allowing lead singer Will Gould to show off his impressive range over an eerie piano interlude.

The band rarely maintain the same tempo or instruments for a whole song, just in case their listeners get bored of listening to the same thing for three minutes at a time. The crowning jewel here is ‘Misery’, the band’s take on a solo singer-songwriter track about getting over a breakup and wallowing in self-pity. True to form though, the final chorus commences with an explosion of sound as all the band members join in, channeling the anger the singer feels towards his ex for leaving him, and towards himself for becoming such a wreck. The band plan on releasing a full-length album soon – I await it with baited breath.

Favourite Track: Misery


Text by Aidan Lindsay

Picture research by Jonathan W. Espiritu; featured image taken from discoveredmagazine.com.