Yes, it’s that time of year again; caffeine, stress and sleep deprivation is all on the horizon for the majority of us students here at Surrey. If you’re sick of seeing the four walls of your bedroom, here are 10 places to head in Guildford to study instead.


Pret A Manger

A short detour off of North Street, you couldn’t go wrong with a visit to Pret, with their free WiFi and what could be considered the best salads and sandwiches around. If you venture upstairs, there is a comfy, and usually quiet, seating area. It is a personal favourite of ours here at SUBCULTURED as it has a different feel to the usual chain coffee shop, and it makes for a lovely place to study if you want to be able to eat a healthy meal while you’re working.

Address: 26-28 Swan Lane, Guildford, GU1 4EQ

Telephone: 020 7932 5371

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 7.30am to 7pm
Sunday: 8am to 6pm


Harris And Hoole

With free WiFi and coffee, as well as a selection of snacks and lunchtime treats, you couldn’t go wrong with a trip to Harris and Hoole. Although it can get noisy and busy around lunch time, it can be quite quiet around mid-afternoon, making it a nice place to go for a study break, or somewhere to revise for a couple hours to get out of the house, especially if you live in town.

Address: 49 North Street, Guildford, GU1 4TE

Telephone: 01483 561035

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 7.30am to 6.30pm
Sunday: 8am to 6pm


Costa Coffee

One of the best things about Costa Coffee is that you always know that there is going to be open reliable WiFi, plus there are six stores to choose from within Guildford. However, this specific Costa is located just along from Pret, or at the back of Boots, and we’ve found that it is usually quiet, even at lunchtime. This is probably one of the nicer chain coffee shops to study in, and Costa will always be a personal favourite for us.

Address: Swan Lane, Guildford, GU1 4EQ

Opening times:

Monday to Saturday: 7am to 7.30pm
Sunday: 8am to 6.30pm


Coffee Culture

Previously written about in SUBCULTURED, this coffee shop really does have a lovely atmosphere with its WiFi and local produce. Not only is there seating outside, but the range of cakes and sandwiches are also very tasty. Being tucked away between the High Street and North Street also adds to its friendly feel, with it providing a nice escape from the life and buzz of the High Street, and with such a friendly atmosphere it would make a really lovely place for a group study session.

Address: 2 Angel Gate,  Guildford

Telephone: 07483 564200

Opening times:

Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm


Guildford Castle

Although admission into the castle itself is priced at £1.60 for concessions, the Castle Grounds are open all year round, with free admission. With the uncharacteristically pleasant weather that we’ve been having recently, it would be a lovely place to take your books, find somewhere to study and set yourself up for an hour or two. The only downside of Guildford Castle is that there is no WiFi on the grounds.

Address: Castle Street, Guildford, GU1 3SX

Telephone: 01483 444751

Grounds open all year round.


The Electric Theatre Cafe Bar and Riverside Terrace

Tucked away just behind Guildford’s trusty Spoons, The Electric Theatre houses a lovely café bar which offers free WiFi for all customers. It is a great place to host a revision session with your friends, with a snack and a drink (non-alcoholic of course, you’re supposed to be studying after all!), with the ability to sit out in the sun if the weather stays on your side.

Address: Onslow Street, Guildford,  GU1 4SZ

Telephone: 01483 444789

Opening hours: 10am to 5pm, or end-of-show on performance nights.


Surrey Sports Park Starbucks

We all know how busy and loud the Starbucks on campus can get, even in the back room, especially with the happy hour for half price Frappuccino’s! But the SSP Starbucks is a different story; not only is there WiFi within the Sports Park, but this Starbucks has a rather calm and quiet atmosphere, with a huge amount of seating both inside and out, so you can enjoy the sun whilst studying hard. If you really want a change of scene, especially before or after a workout at the gym, the SSP Starbucks comes highly recommended.

Address: Surrey Sports Park, Richard Meyjes Road, Guildford, GU2 7AD

Telephone: 01483 689111

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 7am to 9pm
Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 7am to 7pm
Sunday: 7pm to 8pm


Heart And Soul

For those of you that never had the wonders of living in Manor Park accommodation, Heart and Soul will probably be very foreign to you. Located inside Manor Park reception, not only is there the usual UoS_Secure/eduroam WiFi, but the food and drink prices are very reasonable. With a great deal of a seating, and what is usually a quiet environment, it is an easy place to study alone or with your friends, especially if you live on Manor Park and simply want to escape your room. Much like the SSP Starbucks, Heart and Soul also comes highly recommended.

Address: Manor Park Reception, Manor Park Student Village, Guildford, GU2 7YW

Telephone: 01483 686698

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 7pm


Lakeside (quite literally) or PATS Field

One of the perks of this university is its beautiful campus, and when it’s sunny, why not take a picnic blanket, your books and your laptop outside? Not only does this mean that there will always be room for you and your friends, but it’s a great way to catch a tan while studying (if the sun is out for long enough that is). Plus, unlike Guildford Castle, you can still get onto the university WiFi.


And last but not least… University of Surrey Library

With the Surrey Shop and Appleseed, plus the ability to order a variety of delivery food there, our library can be your best friend during the exam season. However, we all have felt the frustration when we head to the library and we just can’t find a desk. A good way to get around this is to book a group study room with a few of your friends for a group revision session. Another space you can take advantage of, especially later on in the day, is the George Edwards meeting space; it has power sockets, plus some of the comfiest seats in the library, and gets pretty quiet towards the later hours of the afternoon.

Address: George Edwards Building, University of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7XH

Telephone: 01483 689235

Opening hours: 24 hours, 365 days a year/Staffed from 8am to 8pm.



Text by Olivia Mitchell

Featured image by Rebecca Cofie.