For those who ‘only got 20 dollars in their pocket’, thrift shopping is the way to go… but where should they look for oldies but goodies?

Vintage Fair  

Held in an underground fairground with an old photo booth, vinyl records scattered all over the place and many different stalls showcasing vintage clothes, the Vintage Fair is quite literally a fair of vintage everything. Warning: the place is a maze! Also make sure you carry cash, since not all stall owners will let you pay for your vibrant handkerchief scarf by card (yet I did luck out and manage to grab one).

If you are on a lookout for some good Levis mom jeans or for vinyls, this is your place.


East End Thrift Store

The perfect place to go on the hunt for a 90’s bomber jacket or a flannel shirt. Add some psychedelic techno music and that is what the East End Thrift Store has to offer. Be on the lookout for their Facebook events where they announce when a large sale may take place; sale prices range from £1-for-everything to all-you-can-fill £10 goodie bags!

So take a trip to the East End for vintage clothes, techno music, and amazing prices!



As the name and the pictures suggest, Blitz is more so the higher end of thrift stores, much like the ones you stumble on when you walk along Shoreditch, Brick Lane or even around Camden. Don’t let the polished old garments on display scare you away though! Be on the lookout for the Blitz employees giving out 10 % discount leaflets outside the lane or outside Rough Trade East – a discount is always handy!

Anything you feel like investing in, from an oversized fur coat to any boxy 2000s Nike to a sports sweatshirt to their own brand stuff, trust the Blitz to have what you want.

Text and photos by Nida Jafri