Rebecca Cofie
Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director
#girlboss, Londoner, Liberal Arts and Sciences student

Alice Vily (aka Vasiliki Papadopoulou)
Managing Director
Aspiring writer and fashion-junkie


Holly Butteriss
Editorial Director
Reader of books, writer of things



Ailsa Davidson
Marketing Director
Psychology student who loves to travel

Tika Budianti
Marketing Director
Digital Media Arts student with a business mindset who caaan be a little teeny bit artsy

Social Media & Digital

Juliéy Pham
Social Media & Digital Director
A visual storyteller and a poet
“Kanye attitude with double Kanye feelings”

Elpida Komianou
Twitter Manager
Business Management student
Musician, an almost writer and a cat lover


Setareh Sanjarani
Photo Director
Oscar de la Renta once said to walk like there’s 3 men behind you, and Setareh’s been doing it ever since

Natalie Carter
Creative Assistant
“Reach for the tea”

Street Style

Alim Haque
Street Style Director
Accounting and Finance
“I need exposure like a DSLR.”

Franchesca Di Tella
Street Style Director
Media & Sociology student
Dreamer and achiever


Anna Irina
Street Style Director
Accounting and Finance
Soulful photographer, coffee enthusiast and Insta lover


Videography Director
Biomedical Science student that loves the Arts
“Less is more.”

Ana-Maria Udriste
Videography Assistant
Event Management student with a passion for the arts

Shelly Waksman
Videography Assistant
Digital Media Arts student
“Why walk when you can dance?” – Ellen Van Dam

Art & Design

Esther Woodbridge
Art & Design Director
Digital Media Arts student
“Little by little.”

Issy Hine
Art & Design Director
Digital Artist and Film fanatic, always