Flo Wadey, who also studies English Literature also kindly agreed to give us an insight into her unique and vibrant style. Flo is from Brighton and says she takes full advantage of the wealth of different shops and styles that are there.


I start by asking who her style inspirations are. She looks confident as she answers “Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe in the early seasons of ‘Friends’ are style icons, more recently though, I’ve been really inspired by Jazzelle Zanaughtti!”


So what is your favourite season to dress for?

“Probably autumn” she looks down briefly, “I like the versatility the weather brings as it’s not too hot and not too cold.”


What are your go to outfits for uni?

“At the moment, jeans and a jumper, usually jazzed up with some interesting accessories.”


Where are your favorite places to shop?
She takes a moment to think-

“Shopping in Brighton is great as there are so many independent stores. I’d say my favourites are ‘To Be Worn Again,’ ‘Beyond Retro’, and ‘Dirty Harry.’”


What is your go to outfit on a night out?

“Usually I’ll go for a skirt, fishnets, and a long sleeve top so that I don’t freeze.” She pauses, “I tend to switch between my red denim, yellow tartan, and black corduroy skirts, and usually accessorise with my Grommet belt.”

What clothing pieces are on your wishlist?

“A pair of Buffalo sneakers and the UNIF Clarissa and Crayola sweaters.”


How would you describe your style?

“Colourful and probably way over-accessorised.” She points to the chunky belt around her hips and laughs.


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

“My Fila Disruptor II shoes in black are the best purchase I have ever made. Other than that, my fuzzy multi-coloured crop-top, as well as my black denim kick flares from Urban Outfitters, are great. I also have an oversized t-shirt with Leonardo Dicaprio’s face printed really big on both the front and back – it’s so bad it’s good.”


Finally, do you have a best and worst outfit you’ve ever worn?

“The worst outfit is probably what I wore to year 11 prom – a mint green, lace bodycon from Dorothy Perkins; a nude clutch; and a nude pair of pumps which I could barely walk in. It wasn’t ugly as such but it was so not a style I was comfortable in. My best outfit is probably what I wore to Brighton Pride in 2017 – a red, denim mini skirt; a sheer blue spaghetti strap top with a bralette under it; a red ‘Adidas’ track jacket; a pair of red-lensed, circular sunglasses; and a rainbow choker which I made myself. All the colours clashed brilliantly and it was super fun.”



Text by Natalie Carter

Photos provided by Flo herself.