We entered the dorm rooms of university students and found out how their bedrooms reflect their style, personality and life experiences. 

Jacqueline Luo, 19, Nutrition and Dietetics

The first thing you notice when you walk into Jacqueline Luo’s room is pink. During her strict childhood she was told that pink was “only for models and pretty people”. As Jacqueline got older, she rebelled against this; “As soon as I grew up, I thought, I need to introduce it into my life”.jacqueline 1jacqueline 2She also loves many aspects of Japanese culture, particularly those that derive from the ‘Lolita’ trend, despite her Chinese heritage.

jacqueline 11Her love of the Japanese character, Hello Kitty, which is also a prevalent theme in her room, was “spontaneous”. “One day I just woke up and I really liked Hello Kitty”.

Furthermore, her eye for the aesthetically pleasing covers not only to the décor of her room, but the stuff within it.

jacqueline 3Her noticeboard is covered in bold fashion editorials with strong, powerful, independent women, and independence according to Jacqueline is a “really important thing” in her life.

jacqueline 5 jacqueline 6 jacqueline 7 jacqueline 8 jacqueline 9Jacqueline is also a great fan of Paolo Raeli, a sketch and photography artist she discovered through Tumblr, who sent her a personalised book of all his work. She states, “This is one of the first works I saw of him, it made me fall in love with his work”.jacqueline 10 jacqueline 12

Interview/photography by Rebecca Cofie