We entered the dorm rooms of university students and found out how their bedrooms reflect their style, personality and life experiences. 

Khulani, 21, Sociology

Khulani’s room contains flags from around the world. Originally born in Zimbabwe, he now lives in the UK but has travelled extensively in the last few years, including to North America and Singapore, as part of study abroad schemes.

khulani 1khulani 2

On the noticeboard I see the Maryland state flag, from his year abroad at Maryland University, covered in signatures. “The signatures are messages people wrote to me as a goodbye things, it’s like a yearbook”.

khulani 3

On the other wall, there’s also a Singaporean flag from when he studied at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore; “that one was just one semester which is why there are less signatures on it”khulani 6.1

khulani 4khulani 5
khulani 6.2

To complement his blue striped bedsheets, there’s a matching beanbag which was bought from his paper round money when he was 14.
khulani 10

khulani 11

“Even thought it was like a tenner at the time, it seemed like such a big amount of money, ‘cause I was earning £3 per paper round to deliver 50 newspapers in the cold”. He describes the beanbag as being “symbolic of financial independence”.khulani 7

khulani 8

khulani 9

And finally, there’s the makeshift boombox on his top bookshelf, where Khulani and his friends dressed up as Run DMC for Halloween. “We put a Bluetooth speaker in a Budweiser box, so we were walking around playing it like Run DMC…people were confused as to why there was music coming out of a Budweiser box”.khulani 12

To complement the makeshift boombox, “we made turntables from pizzaboxes and they worked, you could actually spin them around…we had our alcohol and we drank it out of a brown bag, like they do in the movies”.


Interview/photos by Rebecca Cofie