Graduate guidance and student styling and savings: Interview with blogger Missisgoode.

Issy is a graduate from Keele University, originally from Cornwall and now living in Nottingham. She blog’s about her experience of student and graduate life, sharing advice on how to make the most of it all. SUBCULTURED asked her about her style, budget shopping and tips on how to make the most of being a student.

How can students keep up with trends on a budget?

Student discounts are in my opinion the best way to keep up with the trends on a budget. Some save you 10%, others can save you a little more and often they’re subject to short term increases when you can really grab a bargain. UNiDAYS is the best site to keep up to date with as this features loads of places for you to save money. Also, don’t forget to ask at the till for Student discount, some places don’t advertise it as well as others!

What would you say your key pieces are for University style?

High waisted skinny jeans are always great to have at hand. You can slip them on with a baggy tee or jumper on hangover days and still look good, or style them up with a crop top and heels for a night out.

Plain black jeans in general were my essential piece for university.


Where would you recommend buying items of clothing on a budget and why?

Primark is the obvious one. Student discount doesn’t apply but you can really get some bargains. Sometimes it’s a hunt to find something nice but I’ve been envious of so many of my friend’s clothes that I thought she’d spent loads of money on only to discover they were from Primark!

New Look also has very good sales and every few months has 20% discount for students, as does ASOS, which is however sometimes a little more expensive, but you can definitely find a gem or two. There’s also the ASOS martketplace and eBay – great for getting high brands for a bargain if you have the patience and time to search!

The best looks for a night out on a student budget?

For nights out a LBD is a must for girls, it’s so versatile and all it needs is some jewellery to style it up differently each time. Saying that, a little white dress is also great for summer nights too! LBDs are never too expensive especially if you buy in the sale or from the shops mentioned above, you can really grab a bargain and then just focus on the accessories.

For the boys, smart shirts and t-shirts are simple pieces that work well.

What advice do you have for a student? (This can be tailored to work, fashion, lifestyle etc.)

My best piece of advice is to make the absolute most of your time at university. Enjoy the lazy days watching Netflix, the nights out and even the days when you had lectures, because the hours you do at university aren’t like the hours you do in the adult world. Sure you spend a lot of time revising and writing essays, but all those moments in between you really should enjoy it to the absolute max.

What would you recommend to do to relax at university?

Go for a couple of pints at your local pub or even chill out at home watching a film. We always just relaxed by sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea having a catch up. On numerous occasions I snuggled up in bed and put Netflix on to have a binge of various TV shows and found that highly relaxing.

What are the best ways to prepare for leaving University and fitting into the big wide world?

I don’t think you could ever completely prepare for leaving university, and it’s not necessarily the leaving that your find hard, but not returning come September. It’s hard to say go from day one and do everything you want to do at university and leave without any regrets, because I don’t know if that’s possible. In general, I’d advise to set out a plan before you leave. Know where you’re going to be living, put a little money to one side and begin the job hunt before you’ve graduated.

And also prepare a fake answer for what you want to do with your life if you don’t actually know yet, it’ll make family gatherings easier if you’ve fabricated a life goal.

What website deals do students need to know about?

As I said, UNiDAYS is a great compilation of loads of discounts for students so I’d always keep my eyes peeled for that as it doesn’t just cover fashion but also discounts at retailers of beauty, books, gadgets, supplements and much more.

How to cope with being a graduate?

I wrote a blog post on this recently and the hardest thing about being a graduate is, as I said, when September comes around and you’re still in the adult world. Personally, surrounding yourself with good people is a sure fire way to cope. If you’re lonely and miserable in graduate life you’re probably not going to cope as well. Seeing your university friends is also great. Revisiting university was one thing that I did that actually made me feel okay about having graduate. We went to the Student’s Union and I just felt that we’d all outgrown the place after years of partying there, so sometimes revisiting your university can be a good reminder that moving on is a good thing.

Overall I’d just advise not to let adult life drag you down. You may have a full time job and not have the freedom of student life, but don’t fall into the trap and misery that so many adults warn you about. Enjoy being an adult, have things to look forward to and do the things that you enjoy. Even if you don’t enjoy your job completely, find things outside of work that you enjoy doing.

What essentials does every student need to have?

Access to a Netflix/Prime account, a friend that makes good cocktails, a decent set of speakers and a cheese toastie maker. There’s other essential things you need to get through university but a good group of friends, a course that you enjoy and affordable alcohol are certainly going to help make some memories.

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Text by Sophie Godfrey Phaure, images from Issy’s instagram