For many people, the words ‘sober’ and ‘night out’ don’t belong together because alcohol consumption has become a huge part of our social life. Boys say they need alcohol to gain confidence to approach girls, but girls say that they need alcohol to feel confident enough to dance. But wouldn’t you rather be confident without having to depend on something?

Some might choose not to drink for religious or health reasons, or to avoid those awful hangovers where your head feels like it’s being hit by a tennis ball! The main reason why I stopped drinking on nights out is because alcohol makes me very sleepy. I recently went to a 21st Birthday Party and fell asleep before 12am, after only two glasses of Champagne! It was a special birthday, so I thought I’d join the celebrations with some bubbly – it didn’t exactly go to plan. Not many things tend to go to plan when alcohol is involved, hence why the saying ‘blame it on the alcohol’ has become so popular.

Freshers’ week is one of the most exciting weeks in the first year of university because everything and everybody is new, which is a great excuse to go out and socialise. I remember that Chase and Status came to Rubix, when I was a fresher in 2014 and while everyone was pre-drinking in our kitchen in University Court House 52, I was drinking tea. I joined in and played all the drinking games but I didn’t actually drink any of the alcohol because I felt comfortable enough being sober, and although some of my housemates didn’t understand why I would drink tea while playing an alcoholic drinking game, they respected my decision and didn’t try to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. Another great thing about being sober on that particular night was that I remembered Chase and Status’s performance, unlike some of my friends.

Sober night out

Don’t let the alcohol control you

Not drinking doesn’t just do my body good but also my bank account and allows me to spend my money on things such as new clothes or tickets to events, which will help me create new memories and not forget them. Some of my friends spend over £50 in one night on alcohol they buy for pre-drinks, the entry ticket to a night club and the drinks they then have in the club. I, on the other hand only spend money on the entry tickets to night clubs or bars and once I am inside, I only ask for tap water to stay hydrated – which is very important when you are dancing the night away and especially if you have been drinking alcohol!

Staying sober definitely is not for everyone, but has some unexpected advantages. So, when you wake up on the right side of the wrong bed, with an awful hangover and no money in your account, it might be time to consider a sober night out.

Text by Noor Singh, photos by Noor Singh and Kristiana Vasarina