If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in fashion, and you’ll know what the start of a New Year means: the start of a new wardrobe! But how are you going to find your new style for 2016? Inspiration can come from anywhere you can think of, and a good place to start is right at the basics.

So what do we mean by that? Well, what do people usually say about fashion at this time of the year? It’s spring: the flowers are blooming, new life is beginning, and you want a wardrobe to reflect all that that encompasses. This can often be difficult to “get”, and at the end of what you think has been a successful shopping spree, you find yourself with a single new t-shirt. So instead, focus on aspects of the season – small, particular things that can act as a springboard for your outfits.

University of surrey fashion magazine

LEFT: Jumper, £169, Frame Denim; Chinos, £154, Dondup; Shoes, £389, Stuart Weitzman; Bangle (top), £310, Pearls Before Swine; Bangle (bottom), £250, Aurelie Bidermann. RIGHT: Shirt, £188, Eton of Sweden; Jumper, £80, Kooples Sport; Chinos, £97, J.W. Brine; Shoes, £45, Base London.

Look One: ‘Spring Vibes’

Deer are adorable symbols of springtime, especially Easter, with images of new life and nature springing to mind. Why not try an outfit inspired by them? This look can work for men and women, but depending on what you know you’re comfortable wearing they may need a little tweaking. Both have the same key components: a cream jumper paired with brown, preferably tan, trousers (chinos are a perfect example).

Formal suit shirts under jumpers are a great look for men, coupling an attractive sophisticated vibe with the comfy, warm, and casual. A pair of dark brown or black brogues are good for your feet and white socks go with this combination just fine. Accessories? Not 100% necessary, but they can sometimes work as a fashionable addition to your style. Anything you wear on a regular basis like a watch or a wish bracelet would suit this down to a T. If you’re after a bit more flash, a collar chain sporting mini stag heads or antlers would also do the trick!

For the ladies, a pretty, oversized jumper helps to embrace the cuteness of the small fluffy animals this look is trying to reflect. A pair of small black slip-ons are a good compliment, especially worn without socks, as when paired with rolled up trouser-ends they slim up the feet and add to that deer-inspired look. Accessories aren’t essential but simplistic, plain bangles will give a little sparkle.

University of Surrey student magazine

LEFT: Top, £9, New Look; Blouse, £104, Equipment; Dungarees, £342, M.I.H. Jeans; Cape, £30, New Look; Shoes, £30, New Look. RIGHT: Top, £6, SoulCal; Dungarees, £20, Boohoo; Cardigan, £455, ESK; Shoes, £40, Toms.

Look Two: ‘Adventure’

We all associate memories of childhood with the warm, hazy seasons of summer and spring; playing outdoors and going on adventures. As such, why not channel your inner child and let that nostalgia into your wardrobe for the New Year!

Dungarees are the key component for each of these outfits, sporting comfort, style and that hint of childish fun. The most important thing, however, is the use of bright colours. Just about any bright top of your choosing will do when worn with the other components.

There are two ways women can wear this look, either fancy, or completely casual. Both work for the everyday, but blouses give a more formal touch: maybe if you’re going to a barbecue party? For both, though, any time it gets cold (when the sun goes down at that barbecue, for example) you’ll need something to keep you warm. As we get closer to summer, a cardigan is going to be a great addition to your wardrobe for lightweight warmth – although with cold nights you might need something a bit thicker.

The men’s look, however, lends itself more to summer than spring (although all combinations pictured can be worn at either time of the year). Even if you think you can take the cold, shorts generally tend to scream “SUMMER” over any other season because they don’t exactly keep the heat in. The T shirt doesn’t have to be blue, any bright colour is important for that spring-summer vibe – if you’re brave, it’s always fun to pair blue denim dungarees with a colour contrast like pink or yellow. Light grey is a good companion colour, as well – the lighter the better, for trying to maintain that brightness.

Tips are always handy when trying to figure out what’s fashionable at the beginning of a new year, but remember: these are just guidelines. It’s helpful to look at what’s trending on the catwalk – certain pieces, colours, and vibes – but you don’t have to religiously follow what designers put on show. There’s nothing dictatorial about fashion!

Inspiration can come from anywhere, you just have to be creative. Find those unique, personal trends that you love, and you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye with your style.

Text by Victoria Hill-Chalmers, collages by Victoria Hill-Chalmers, photo credits Getty Images and Dibyangshu Sarkar