Now that Freshers Week is long since over, and deadlines are fast approaching, we can already feel the pressure and stress creeping in. Being at university can be an extremely fun, but potentially stressful experience. Juggling deadlines, domestic duties and the weekly Citrus night out (or even a cheeky Friday Flirt) can be a lot to handle. The 10th of October was World Mental Health Day, which provided an opportunity to raise awareness, alleviate stigma and talk! There have been multiple news articles recently that indicate there’s an increasing number of students suffering with mental health difficulties, and consequently dropping out of university. So, we thought it would be helpful to show how stress can arise and some useful ways to combat it!

Unmanaged, stress can lead to the development of mental health difficulties, or worsen existing ones. Here are some top tips to combat stress:

  1. Allocate ‘Me Time’. It is important to unwind and do things that YOU enjoy, whether that is listening to music or part taking in your favourite sport. Protect this time and try to aim for a couple of nights a week.
  2. Be smart. With a heavy workload, prioritising is essential. Try organizing your to-do-list in order of importance and how urgent it is. Only focus on the things you can change, set goals and mini goals to help you feel more productive.
  3. Be with others. Simply spending time with people helps you relax and laugh, and they can even offer new perspectives on any problems you’re having.
  4. Have gratitude. Amongst all the stress, there will always be positive aspects in your life. To give balance, its useful to reflect on at least 3 good things every day.
  5. Break bad habits. Stop with the procrastinating, drinking and the frequent ordering of Deliveroo’s. They only temporarily make you feel better, and don’t help erase the source of your stress.

We are fortunate that our university highly values the mental health of its students and provides support services such as Nightline and the Well-Being Centre. Alternatively, you can seek external support from Samaritans, ThinkAction or even your local GP.

  • Nightline. Student led service, which allows confidential and anonymous support.

Monday to Friday.


Contact 01483 689 223.

  • Well-Being Centre. Access to information, support and advice.

Monday to Friday.


Contact 01483 689498.

  • Samaritan Service. Good for talking through your problems or having someone to listen.

Every day.

24 hours a day.

Contact 116 123 /

  • ThinkAction (Surrey). Offers a range of therapies and workshops based in GP surgeries. Can self-refer or have your GP refer you.

Every day.

Monday-Thursday 9-8pm / Friday 9-5pm.

Contact 0300 012 0012 /

Text by Louisa Mangat-Daley

Picture research by Anna Irina; featured image from Pinterest.