Kiko King & creativemaze, an American-German duo, slot into a niche genre of airbendermusic which leaves a resounding impression, even after the first listen. As someone who had never heard of the pair, or even the genre, I very much went into this with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. But honestly, I’m going to call myself a fan of this stylist music.

Airbendermusic, as defined by the pair themselves, is an expression of the protagonists’ use to describe a catalyst with, what they call, universal energy. Their new single, ‘Resolution for Solitude’ is quite unlike what you’d hear amongst the dance filled charts. The lyrics combined with the delivery of the video are thought-provoking, and can only have been created by someone with an eccentric, creative talent to make the cross-media nature of the single of spoken word, song, and the images that you see throughout the video work.

Kiko King, the core member of the group regarding the lyrics and idea behind the songs, has also hidden his identity and personal history, adding to the eccentricity of the due. Creativemaze, the producer, provides the sound foundation for Kiko, with his understanding of broad, atmospheric soundscapes to allow a listener’s imagination to take in the stimulating lyrics.


‘Resolution for Solitude’ hammers down with the hard-hitting lyrics and beat a clear and open message, whilst using an infectious rhythm to create this electro-minimal style. This is what makes this single perfect; the heartfelt lyrics are laced with perfect beats which push the pairs message forward, without being too forward as it were.

Beyond the single, it is very tricky to find much information about this unique duo, even with a pretty thorough search on the internet, except for the fact that Kiko King and creativemaze came together by accident in 2011, in Berlin, Germany. Returning to the video, it contains very rapid-fire glimpses of different styles, which could originate back to how the duo came into existence; by experimenting and by chance.

One thing however is clear, this single is a refreshing and different song on the music scene, and I would recommend you give it a listen, because I can pretty much guarantee that it will get your mind thinking.


Kiko King & creativemaze’s single, ‘Resolution for Solitude’ is out now, alongside their album ‘Gnothi Seauton’.


Text by Olivia Mitchell

Picture research by Jonathan W. Espiritu; featured image taken from