SUBCULTURED ventured to Falmouth University to get an insight into the lives of their creative students here.
Check out our campus street style below and read more on the Kids of Falmouth in our Issue 5:…/…/subcultured_issue_5_-_final/64

Smaranda Pirlog, 19, Illustration (left); Luoana Murariu, 21, Illustration (right)

Alex Fader, 23, Graphic Design

Phyllys Egharevba, 21, Interior Design (left); Lauren Craven, 21, Interior Design (right)

Emma Edwoods, 22, Drawing (left); Esme Bone, 22, Drawing (right)

Hazel Boxall, 19, Drawing

April Halls, 19, Illustration

Natsumi Chikayasu, 21, Illustration


Photography and Creative Direction by Rebecca Cofie.