If you’re a creative person, it seems logical to do a creative degree. You get to do what you love, and get credit for it. But studying something that you’re genuinely passionate about comes with its own complications, because even doing something you enjoy can become stressful when you’re in the academic world.


Here are some of the problems you might run into when doing a creative degree, and how to get around them!


Working out timings

Balancing your time between actual uni work and everything else that comes with student life can be tricky. When you’re a student, you have to learn how to balance working, studying, and maintaining some sort of a social life. (Or at least, that’s the idea). For some people, the best way to deal with this is to combine everything as much as you can. If you have friends that are in your classes, you can study with them but still hang out just for fun. Other people prefer to keep each sector separate, so that they can switch off when they need to. The main thing is to find out what works for you. The aim is to prioritise well enough to be able to afford a little down time – without jeopardising anything else!


Finding and avoiding your hobbies

When you’re interested in doing creative hobbies, it can be tempting to put all your energy into them instead of other uni work that has mark schemes and deadlines. If your uni work and hobbies are the same, having fun can sometimes contribute to your grade. But you might soon find that doing uni work is completely consuming all your time. I started blogging last year, and one of my courses this year required me to make some blog posts as assignments. In a way, it was exactly what I wanted, but I still felt a bit tied down. It’s good to remember that if your course is creative, you can take the skills you learn and apply them to your own work outside of uni, and create something that’s more polished that what you originally might have created.


Holding onto your motivation

By studying something that you enjoy in your free time, you may find yourself losing your motivation. Staying passionate about a subject can be hard work. Sometimes, you just need a break from studying, and doing something completely different from your degree is a good way to switch off for a bit to try and relax. But what do you do if your way of relaxing is doing the very thing you need to get away from? One good way to escape is to find something that is completely outside that particular topic. Whether it’s a club, TV show, or even just listening to music, you shouldn’t feel guilty for having hobbies that aren’t related to your degree. We all need to catch a break now and again.


Text by Dani Madanayake

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from Pinterest.


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