‘Madotta’ phone cases, crafted in the UK, are the perfect resemblance of real marble – not just in design, but also durability. Although they’re made from plastic, they’re an excellent form of protection for your smartphone.




No longer will the days of putting your iPhone 6 in your back pocket and finding it bent at a 10-degree angle exist anymore, thanks to Madotta.




It’s not uncommon to find a typical black-and-white marble phone case on the high street. However, Madotta offers not only this, but more than 30 marble phone case designs, including the two pictured, for every preference.




From gold to grey, black to blue, pink to red, there is something for everyone. In addition, they also have cases in other prints, including floral, snakeskin and camouflage.




Their Instagram, @madotta, features more photography of their beautiful phone cases. You can also see their website, madotta.com, to view the full range of cases, available for iPhone and Galaxy S phones.


Text and photos by Rebecca Cofie.