When Yale student Akintunde Ahmad asked Vivian Dang to photograph him and his friends, he intended to showcase the bond of their community. The photos were uploaded to Twitter with the caption: ‘Introducing the # BlackMenOfYaleUniversity’ and soon became a viral sensation.

The message crossed the Atlantic and struck a cord with black students in the University of Cambridge, who posed in similar fashion to show black students in the UK that there is a place for them in Cambridge and they should fight to claim it.

We did not hesitate for a minute to join the ranks and examine the experience of the black community in a range of British universities. From Imperial to Queen Mary to Surrey, we invited students from diverse backgrounds to share their opinions on their university experience, dispel the stereotypes that haunt their high-ranking institutions and discuss how we can move on to ensure there are more black students in higher education, how we can defeat casual racism, what we can do for the future of black students beyond higher education and much more.

So meet the team and stay tuned for more in our upcoming issue!

Alexa Miyoko, Queen Mary University of London, Maths and Economics

Alex Mitcham, Imperial College, Mathematics

Hareef Asunramu, Imperial College, Medicine

Arvin Taylor, Imperial College, Biochemistry and German

Nabil Toure, Imperial College, MSc Economics

Rhoda Manu, Queen Mary University of London, History and French

Joyce Bongardt, Business Management undergraduate, Durham University. Currently at Imperial College studying for an MSc in Strategy Marketing

Kate Nwokorie, University of Lancaster, Law with Politics

Toussaint Gervais, University of Surrey, Physics and Mathematics


Project Co-ordination: Rebecca Cofie 
Photography: Setareh Sanjarani 
Words: Vasiliki Papadopoulou 
Post-production: Kendrick Foo.