London-based SHADED are the perfect blend of modern pop-punk and cool rock; SHADED have shared stages all over the UK with the likes of Mallory Knox, Coast to Coast, Catch Fire and many more. Lead vocalist, Matt East, guitarist, Callum Irons and bassist, Dan Bradberry have proven in a short space of time, and with huge talent, that the pop-punk boy band is far from dead.

SUBCULTURED sat down the guys and had the chance to ask them a little more about where SHADED came from, and where it’s going.


Hey guys, thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for SUBCULTURED! Could you start by just introducing yourself and your role in the band?

Hey, no worries at all, thanks for having us!

So, I’m Matt. I sing in the band.
I’m Callum, I play guitar.
I’m Dan, I play bass

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What got you involved in music in the first place? How did you end up here as a band?

Matt: So I think all our involvements in music started when we were younger. We all grew up heavily invested in music and, personally, i’ve always had this tunnel vision in which music has always been the only thing I’ve wanted to do and the only option for me.


Where did the name SHADED come from, have you always been SHADED or have there been other band names? What’s the story behind it?

Matt: Just like most bands, there was a few tweaks and changes at the start. SHADED actually sprung to mind when we were writing our first EP. There was no real thought, story or deep meaning behind it. It just clicked.


So you’re going on tour soon (congratulations!) where are you most excited to play and are you nervous at all? How do you deal with the anticipation of performing on stage?

Matt: Birmingham always shows us a good time so we’re definitely excited for that one. London is my home city and pretty close to home for the other guys too so that show at 229 should be cool. We don’t get nervous anymore, no. I think it was the first show we played back in 2017 – that was probably the only time we’ve been REALLY nervous.

To be honest, I know it sounds pretty self-explanatory but the best way to deal with nerves is just to consciously go out and enjoy yourself. Don’t think about what others are going to think, what you’re going to sound like, what you look like when you perform – if you are having a good time, confidence will come… and with confidence, naturally comes a better performance!

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We’ve seen you talk a little bit about the meanings behind some of your songs elsewhere, but could take us through the creative process of that? Where do you start and what inspires you?

Matt: So Callum and I start by laying down instrumentals for our songs. Obviously, before reaching the final stages they go through a fair few changes, but that gives us a solid base to work with.

Lyrically, I try to be as genuine and as black and white as I can. I don’t try to beat around the bush and be mysterious with metaphors and various figures of speech – if I want to say something, I say it. Inspiration normally comes from things I have experienced with friends, family and past relationships.


What advice do you have for other musicians out there who are struggling to get signed, or find opportunities to get more experience?

Matt: Straight off the bat, get on the local gig circuit. Get your name out there locally to promoters and venues and put a lot of time into building up a local fanbase.


Could each of you give us a recommendation for some new music?

Matt: I’m really into Pale Waves and Lewis Capaldi at the moment. Also, definitely check out Stand Atlantic if you haven’t already!
Callum: I’m really into Jordan Davis at the moment! He’s recently released a banging album.


And finally, where do you see the future of the band going? Any big things in the works we should be looking out for?

Matt: We’ve all got big dreams and goals for this band, of which we’re slowly achieving as time goes on. We’ve got a lot in the works, nothing of which we can fully reveal yet, but you’ll know very soon.

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Pre-order their new EP, watch the official Familiar Love music video and find out where SHADED are going on tour here:


Text by Holly Butteriss

Photography by George Girvan (Instagram: @georgegphoto; Facebook: George Girvan Photography)

Special thanks to SHADED for your participation.