You may have heard of London Fashion Week, it happens twice a year, a week full of the best designers, top models, coveted ‘frow’ spots, and the bloggers and vloggers who dominate the street style scene. Fashion week however, isn’t just related to London, and fashion week is actually fashion month, with fashion weeks from the ‘big 4’, London, Milan, Paris and New York. With 2017, a fascinating year for fashion, put firmly behind us, here’s what to look out for in February’s fashion mania:

Diversity in models

Diversity was a buzzword in 2017, and brands stumbled over each other to show off the ways in which they were diverse and inclusive. But diversity is much more than a buzzword, trend or fad. It is essential that the fashion industry continues its journey of representing more and more varied women, and doesn’t fall into exploiting how diversity can bring about more profit, or using token women of colour, transgender, or plus-sized models. Look out for how fashion houses are continuing, or not continuing, to become more diverse in February.


Political statements

Last February, one of the biggest take-homes for A/W 2017 was the political statements spread across much of the clothing, from Prabal Gurung’s ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt, to LRS Studio’s ‘Fuck Your Wall’ pants, fashion was saying something (Read more about it in SUBCULTURED here). Will 2018’s catwalks be just as political? With the #metoo movement, and Trump tweeting about the size of his button, there’s at least potential for the resurgence of political fashion.


Pantone’s colour of the year 2018

Ultra violet. Keep an eye out for it. All I’m saying.


Up-and-coming designers

For start-up clothing lines, up-and-coming brands and singular designers, showing at London Fashion Week ranges from hard to impossible (you have to fund the entire thing yourself for starters). Bearing this in mind, keep an eye out for any lesser known showings during the week and give them your support. For creatives trying to break into the industry, it means a whole lot.


All of the social media updates

For most of us mere mortals, getting a ticket to a fashion month show is pretty much impossible. The next best thing? Get following! Instagram is by far the best platform for getting the visuals of shows and behind the scenes. Follow brands, follow models, follow magazines. It’s almost like you’re there, except you’re actually sat alone in your room, on your third helping of pudding, crying to your pet cat and only friend.

Happy fashion month dahhhlings. Get looking out for diversity, politics, and supporting the breakout brands of the year. Oh, and ultra violet, keep an eye out for that too.


Text by Katt Skippon

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from