Whether you’re a fresher, or in your final year, a night out in Rubix can sometimes feel like chaos. After many nights spent in our Student Union I think I’ve worked out how best to navigate the night and come out the other side more or less alive. Here are SUBCULTURED’s top tips for surviving a night out in Rubix.



First and foremost, if you’re going to Rubix then remember they want your student card, not your regular ID. And if you have friends visiting make sure they have their student card as well otherwise you aren’t getting in.



Set up a meeting place with your pals. Then if you get separated in the crush at the barrier for DJ Leroy you know exactly where to find your friends. I’d recommend choosing somewhere that’s never going to be really busy and fairly easy to text when you’re drunk.



Of course, we’re all familiar with a good old VK. But sometimes it isn’t quite enough to keep the buzz going when Citrus is a bit more dead than you expected. Well, next time you order one, get a shot of sourz as well and pour it straight into your VK (the best combo is an orange VK with cherry sourz!). I promise it will revolutionize your VK experience.



This one is for the girls. There’s a system my friends and I live by when it comes to a night out in Rubes.

Queue. Toilet. Bar. In that order.

It’s no secret that the girl’s toilets get progressively more grim as the night goes on, so better to go as soon as you get in than to wait until after you’ve had your first drink and have to tiptoe around the puddles.



I don’t think anyone would accuse me of exaggerating if I said that sometimes waiting at the bar can feel like an eternity. My advice? Don’t forget Hari’s, the queue is more spread out and if you go in from the sides you can usually get served quicker. Just don’t push. No one likes that guy. Find the gaps and slip in subtly and no one will even notice.



On busier nights the basement is usually open and I would highly recommend taking advantage of that. The toilets are usually cleaner and with much shorter queues and the bar will almost definitely be quieter than anywhere upstairs. Just remember they don’t take card so make sure you have some cash on you!



Even though you don’t want the night to end, leaving 5 minutes before close is a good way to get ahead in the queue for coat check and to beat the mad rush of people all wanting to go to Pizzaman. Leaving a little earlier means you’ll get in there first with way less stress.



And finally, once you and your friends have all gotten out of the club in one piece if you’re planning to get the night bus back don’t rush to Austin Pierce, instead get on at the bus stop outside Senate House you’ll be ahead of the rush and get yourself a seat after a long night of dancing rather than having to stand with the thirty other students who all want to get on the bus too.


So there you have it, eight survival tips for a night out in Rubix. Hopefully they’ll make the night run a little smoother so that you can focus on drinking and dancing with way less drama.



Text by Holly Butteriss

Featured image by Jonathan W. Espiritu.