Surrey University campus is a cultural hub of fashion. There is so much variety and individuality in the way students dress at Surrey, and no two people look the same. Walking through campus, it is clear that some students opt for more comfy attire, such as jeans, t-shirts and tracksuits. Whereas, others come dressed to impress in shirts, smart trousers and designer trainers.


SUBCULTURED wanted to celebrate the diversity of style at our University and the freedom that comes with expressing your individuality through fashion. When deciding who to interview for the article, we first considered who’s style on campus personally inspires us. Christian Marawi quickly came to mind. Chris always looks effortlessly put together and his style exudes an urban influence with a vintage twist. He commutes to uni from London, a place he says that greatly inspires his style.


We sit opposite each other as he casually sips a coffee and I begin by asking:

Who are the people who inspire your style?

“Definitely Rihanna and Matty Healy!”



And which season is your favourite to dress for?

“Summer! I love wearing shorts and silk shirts”.


So, what are your go to outfits for uni?

“At the moment I love my green puffer coat and my sheepskin coat as they keep me warm in this weather and are easy to throw on.” He’s gestures to the green puffer coat he’s wearing, with a smile.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your outfits?

“I like thrift shopping so East End Thrift store and basically any charity shops in East and North London because South is too expensive. I like shopping at ‘Rokit’ and ‘Urban Outfitters’ when my student loan comes in… but I try to budget what I’m going to spend on so I don’t end up broke.”


What about for a night out? What’s your go to outfit?
He laughs and answers,

“I like to wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts but with a vintage bold coat and a lot of rings and stacked necklaces because I guess I’m quite eclectic.”


And what clothing pieces are on your wish list?
He shows little hesitation, considering is response carefully before answering.

“Fila disruptors, some new docs and comme des garçons converse.”

How would you describe your style?

“I would say my style is mostly vintage, colourful in summer and oversized- I hate slim fitted clothes so I always buy clothes 2 sizes bigger so they hang.”


Do you have any favorite items in your wardrobe?

“My docs, I’ve had them for 3 years and they’re still going so they were worth the spend…And my green adidas hat because I found it in Cancer research for £2!”


What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever worn?

“There have been so many. I used to wear so much Hollister and I once wore an entire head-to-toe hollister outfit.” His releases a sigh before he continues. “So I guess that’s my worst because I looked like a walking ad.”


What about the best outfit you’ve ever worn?
There is a short pause before he smiles and says “My best would probably be my year 13 prom outfit because I wore a suede smoking jacket and some docs and I felt quite different to the usual three piece grey suit.”



Text by Natalie Carter

Photos provided by Chris himself.