It’s a common misconception that to do well in university you must be in the library 24/7 or that you can never leave your room. However, here at SUBCULTURED, we think studies and socialising go hand in hand and by balancing both you don’t have to sacrifice a night out because you’re drowning in lecture reading.

Top Tip #1: Work smart

It’s easy to say that you’re going to spend the next academic year reading every book in every module, including the extra reading and anything else the lecturer decides to mention. But, if we’re being realistic, and conscious of balance, to work smartly you need to take breaks. Take time out of your studies to do something that isn’t based on academia and doesn’t require you to exercise your brain!

Choosing to work smartly ensures that the time you do spend working will be efficient and productive. You will be more organised, and have time to factor in socialising, like joining that society you’ve always wanted to go to!

Top Tip #2: It’s okay to say no sometimes

Peer pressure at university is real and it can be easy to succumb to saying yes when most of your friends are going out, you attended all your lectures and seminars this week, and your student finance money just dropped, so why not? However, it’s important to have a balance of saying yes and saying no. Get comfortable with saying no and ignore the feeling of hurting someone’s feelings because you decided not to go out this week, FOMO is tough but sometimes an early night is worth it when all your friends are hungover messes in the morning.

Top Tip #3: Create a time schedule

Ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with assignment deadlines by making time schedules using planners or diaries. This will allow you to stay afloat of your deadlines by using your time wisely.

Noting down your plans for the week provides you with clarity and purpose. Prioritise your academic tasks and then include time to socialise, like hanging out with your flatmates, going out to dinner, or going to a society social, give yourself time to relax!

Constantly remind yourself that university is a learning experience and learning comes in a variety of forms. By working smartly, saying no sometimes and organising your time well, you can make the most out of university through your academic life and your social life. With balance, you can get the best of both worlds.

Text by Chinenye Uzoho

Picture research by Anna Irina; featured image from Pinterest.