We entered the dorm rooms of university students and found out how their bedrooms reflect their style, personality and life experiences. 

rebecca 1.1JPG

Rebecca Cofie, founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of SUBCULTURED. And this is her room – consisting of a mixture of blue, cream and purple items, mainly from IKEA and Primark.rebecca 1.2

“There was no specific theme in mind when I decorated my room, I kind of just saw whatever I liked and mashed it together” which perfectly describes her eclectic style.

She’s frequently seen on her MacBook laptop, a.k.a. “the best purchase I ever made”, where she communicates between SUBCULTURED staff members and writes essays. rebecca 3 rebecca 4

A lover of inspirational quotes, from which she gets a lot of her motivation, she’s plastered them around her room for a dose of “morning motivation”. rebecca 5 rebecca 6

The noticeboard poster ‘it always seems impossible till its done’ perfectly describes Rebecca’s journey with SUBCULTURED Magazine, which “all started with a single thought”.

rebecca 7 rebecca 9

Her housemate, Jacqueline, also inspired Rebecca to put up eye-catching fashion editorials from her magazines as wall art and as inspiration for photo-shoots.