We entered the dorm rooms of university students and found out how their bedrooms reflect their style, personality and life experiences. 

Michelle, 19, Digital Media Arts

Michelle’s room perfectly represents her interest in art, design and illustration. Shapes, colours and prints are plastered on her walls, instead of the typical bedroom posters. She points to a set of blue prints on her walls; “I stole these from some artist on Instagram, I hope she doesn’t see this web page ‘cause she follows me back…I’m scared! She sells them at like £40 each and I was like “hell no!”, let me just screenshot these”.

There is a group of decorative Chinese lanterns attached to the wall, which Michelle was initially going to hang from the ceiling, but instead she turned them into lights; “I put torches inside them so you can press them from the button”. 34

Alongside this, there are many other aspects of Far Eastern culture in her room, such as bamboo prints and floral Japanese bedsheets.56


She states; “I’m really into Japanese type things, I really admire how creative they are. Whenever you see Japanese girls, their style is so out there! They’re just so cool, even the ones who don’t look like they’re trying to be cool!”8 9

However, Michelle’s bedroom décor features don’t always match; “I think I combine too many things sometimes and it doesn’t make sense – like the cactus doesn’t really work with the bamboo”.


Interview/photography by Rebecca Cofie