Students in their Dorm Rooms: Nida

Nida, 20, Mathematics and Economics

We take a peek into the bedroom of Nida Jafri – East Londoner, SUBCULTURED editorial assistant and author of the “Types of People You Will Inevitably Run Into at Citrus” article.1.1Nida Jafri’s room is comparable to a “walk-in closet”, as her Dad describes, with space for not much else other than a bed, a wardrobe and a small desk table.3.0DSC_0034Although all of her housemates have bigger rooms than Nida, she pays substantially less. She quotes “I like it cosy and small, I don’t think I’m ever the type of person to have a massive house in the future”.DSC_0035An eye-catching feature of her “walk-in closet” is the face of Tom Hardy, snuggled amongst her bed sheets.3As Nida cuddles the soft toy, she describes how it’s been a comfort to her throughout first year. “I used to be really sad about my course ‘cause it was really hard, and then I’d just come home and cuddle this”.DSC_0037In the opposite corner, there are two Laura Marling posters on the wall. She knows every Laura Marling track off-by-heart. “People compare her [Laura] to Johnny Mitchell and Bob Dylan but she’s more lyrically gifted than them – kill me people on the Internet for saying that”.DSC_0059As a fan of Laura Marling, she recites a short autobiography of the artist; “She’s been doing it since she was 17, she wrote Alas I Cannot Swim when she was 17…what was I doing at 17? Mate, nothing”.DSC_0070Nida points to a Lancome perfume bottle, amongst a pile of stuff; “This is my favourite perfume ever…it’s Poeme by Lancome. I’m not getting any money to say this ‘cause they’re Lancome, but basically, my Mum’s been using it since ’96. Our family buys it, my sister has one…it’s our scent!”DSC_0125In the same corner, you see the familiar ‘P’ sign, from the popular underground dance music event – Presha. Surprisingly Nida was not into this music genre at all, until she came to uni. “I didn’t know anything about this world and now it’s become a massive part of me”. As a result, she’s hosted many Presha pres in her 4-bedroom student house, with “really good speakers and some really good bass lines”.DSC_0097And of course, Nida has an interest in fashion; she calls Vogue “The Bible”.DSC_0078 DSC_0086She proceeds to describe her history with clothing; “ASOS and ZARA were a massive part of my life, they were like a phase almost, where every one of my clothes had to have a tailored, minimal kind of look…I then found thrifting, which was like vintage/sport-y/90s kind of stuff”, as she rocks her Adidas jacket.DSC_0121 DSC_0104DSC_0144 - after

The Nida Pose

The Nida Pose

Check out this clip for more on Nida’s dorm room – including the explanation behind her ‘Hotline Bling’ jumper, the famous Tom Hardy Pillow and her experience of living in a student house…

Words/photography by Rebecca Cofie