St. Valentine’s Day. You either love it, hate it, or couldn’t care less about it…

But this year, regardless of whether you are in a happy relationship or are a single-pringle, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show yourself some self-love.

We all know that Valentine’s Day is the celebration of someone special in your life – in this case, you are the special someone! It’s high time you thank yourself for all that you have achieved this past year and appreciate yourself for the person you have become. As cheesy as it sounds, you deserve to show yourself some love.

Love your body for carrying yourself through the day. Love yourself for the choices you have made up until this point. Show some love towards your unique personality. Love your quirky habits that seem to make other people laugh. Love yourself because you can always count on yourself to get through difficult situations. Love yourself because you 100 % deserve to.

This is the perfect excuse to buy yourself some flowers, make yourself a delicious meal or treat yourself to a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage!). Even if you are in a relationship, take a moment to appreciate your own brilliance.

Self-love is often written off as being selfish, after all how much difference can one facemask make? But we at SUBCULTURED agree that there’s way more to self-love than just the odd pamper session or indulging in a Dominos. Self-love means sitting down with yourself and really appreciating who you are and what you do for yourself. We don’t think that’s selfish at all.

Loving yourself can be difficult at times and that’s ok! In an education system that values productivity and rewards high achievers and a society that praises certain body types, it is easy to attribute our self-value to our academic achievements or how much you weigh. This can lead to a downward spiral if our grades were not what we were expecting or if we’ve enjoyed a little too much Valentine’s chocolate! It’s important to remember that we are more than our grades, we aren’t the number on a scale, or inches on a tape measure, we aren’t IQ points and test scores, so don’t quantify yourself like that!

Our self-value is not synonymous with our degree certification or how many pounds we lost that week, as much as we believe it sometimes. We are worth far more than a number and it’s high time we started celebrating ourselves, as much as we celebrate our loved ones.

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love… with yourself ❤

Text by Parul Obhrai

Picture research by Anna Irina; featured image from Pinterest.