When one peruses the magazine ranks, a Vogue cover always stands out. Breath-taking clothes, beautiful models, sleek hair and make-up, amazing photography… all these features blend seamlessly together to create this one snapshot of hundreds of pages of content on arts, culture, fashion and the general zeitgeist. Cover shots carry the duty to represent an entire issue, to catch the consumers’ eye and to be a significant artistic endeavour. These pictures set a golden standard and the SUBCULTURED photography team have been inspired to recreate some of them, such as the iconic Gold Issue of December 2000. Take a look at some of our favourite covers and our interpretation of them!

British Vogue, The Gold Issue, December 2000, photographed by Nick Knight

British Vogue, July 2004, photographed by Tesh


The Gold Issue recreation

Models: Sonia Casado Soriano

Make-up artist: Holly Gibbons

Photographer: Ira Igoshina

The Keira Knightley cover recreation

Model: Saneaah Muhammad

Make-up artist: Onika Khatun

Photographer: Ira Igoshina


Text by Alice Vily.