With 2018 fast approaching, so is the deadline for deciding what you really want to achieve in the New Year. Yes, I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions, the dreaded ‘New Year, New Me’ statuses will be flooding your Facebook feed soon enough.
So, for those of you who are looking towards 2018 with fresh eyes and a determination to make it better than 2017 somehow, SUBCULTURED have a few tips on how you can keep those resolutions for longer than the first week of January.

First and foremost, your goal for the New Year doesn’t need to be a massive lifestyle change. Maybe you just want to finally master the art of winged eyeliner, or read that book that you’ve been ‘meaning to get to’ for the last three years. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be life changing to count, but it should be something you’re excited to achieve; no matter how small.
However, it is important to stay realistic. How likely are you to commit to going to the SSP gym, 5 days a week? Can you really give up Citrus every week to make your 9am? Or publish that novel you’ve been day dreaming about in lectures? If you set yourself up for failure, you’re going to fail. Work out what is realistic for you and go from there.
For some of your goals, planning will be the key to your success. For example, if you want to start eating better in 2018, spend some time on Pinterest gathering lots of different recipes that you can try, so you aren’t staring at a bag of Tesco value pasta in despair. Or maybe the one thing you want to do this year is see Paris, plan your trip! Work out your budget, find out when Uni breaks up and which friends you want to take with you! If you don’t go in with a game plan, you’ll never get around to it.

Next, tell your friends and family, tell your dog, doctor, and tell us! Tell everyone about your goals so that the people in your life can support you. Make your friends marathon all the Harry Potter films in one weekend, take your dog on runs with you; whatever and whoever keeps you going!
But let’s face it, there will be goals that you set for yourself that you just don’t get around to, or you lose interest in, and that’s okay! New Year’s resolutions don’t all have to be made on January 1st, life moves quickly and what you think is a good idea in January may no longer apply in July, don’t force yourself to complete the challenges you’ve set if you’re genuinely not interested anymore. Readjust, re-evaluate and move on with fresh inspiration.
Ultimately, it’s down to you. So, whatever your New Year’s resolutions are for 2018, go out there and get it.

And if you’re struggling to decide what your resolution should be, here are some from the SUBCULTURED Team:
I want to try and read more diversely in 2018” – Holly, Editorial Assistant
Find motivation to do laundry instead of just wearing pyjamas!” – Hannah, writer
To not rely on caffeine so much!” – Florrie, Editorial Assistant
Achieve a healthier work/life balance and say ‘yes’ to more fun things” – Katt, Editorial Director


Text by Holly Butteriss

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from Pinterest.