Whether you’re just arriving at Surrey or you’re in the final year of your degree, one thing is for sure; Rubix no longer refers to a cube of coloured squares. The word has taken on a whole new meaning, it’s now synonymous with VKs, theme nights and DJ Leroy, and it’s most likely where a large proportion of you student loan will disappear. For most students Rubix is their home away from home, it’s sticky floors, countless flights of stairs and disco lights welcoming them in after the holidays, an assignment submission or just your average week.

Everyone has their own routine and traditions when it comes to Rubix but hopefully these tips will provide an introductory guide for Freshers as well as maybe giving veterans some new tips or ideas for their next trip.


Choose your night

Rubix has two main nights each week both with their own name and identity. The first key to having a great night out on Campus is choosing the night that’s right for you. Citrus takes place every Wednesday and is a chosen haunt for sports clubs and societies wanting to let their hair down after a match or social. Hosted by Surrey’s much beloved DJ Leroy you can guarantee that you’ll be hearing a mix of classic club tunes, cheesy hits, your requests and, of course, a sing along to Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) complete with topless boys and swinging T-shirts.

Flirt takes over Rubix each Friday with most weeks having their own theme. From R&B to Fetish night to a Paint Party to visiting acts, there’s bound to be a Flirt that will be right up your street. Flirt is the perfect place to end your week surrounded by your fellow students and without having to worry about the influx of office workers occuring in the clubs in town. Keep an eye on the Union website and Facebook page to stay up to date with themes and acts at Rubix throughout the year. Get your hands on a Semester 1 events calendar at Freshers Fayre so you can start planning your nights out ASAP!



Once you get to university the sugary, 15% alcohol goodness of a VK becomes the holy grail of a night out. That’s right, alcopops are back in fashion but gone are the WKDs and Smirnoff Ices. With *5* flavours adorning the shelves of fridges at each bar, a VK is the perfect drink to have as your companion on the dancefloor. Beware though, that random person stood next to you will definately be judging your flavour choice so be willing to defend your Blue VK to the death because you’ll need to. If the low alcohol content puts you off why not try adding a shot of vodka, sambuca or Corky’s to up the percentage?



Rubix boasts an impressive 5 bars to meet your alcohol needs. However, depending on how busy a night is, they may not all be open. If the drink you’re after comes in a bottle then your safest bet to get served quickly and be back on the dancefloor is to head to the Bottle Bar which is the first bar you see as you come in. Hari’s is the best place to go if you want to grab a drink and take a rest in one of the booths, or the Upper and Lower bars are great if you just want to get a couple of drinks to take back. If it’s a busy night then the Basement Bar may be open. Hidden in, you guessed it, the basement, this bar is often a lot quieter than the others and is the perfect place to run down to if you can’t be bothered to battle the mobs at the other bars.


End of the night

Whether you make it to the stomach sinking moment that the lights come up or if you bail out early, make sure you end your night the right way. When you step outside Rubix take a few steps to your right and you’ll be faced with the beautiful hatch of Pizzaman. No doubt you’ll be needing something to soak up the copious VKs and shots you consumed in Rubix and give you sustenance for the journey home, and Pizzaman is the place to get it. Whilst the food offered at the end of each night does seem to vary based on his whim, Pizzaman will no doubt have something that will be delicious at 2am but may look slightly less appealing next your bed in the morning. Make sure you have some cash though because they won’t take card and you don’t want to watch your cheesy chips be taken away from you because you’ve only got 50p and an old receipt.


Text by Esther Darmanin

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from Tumblr.