Young, handsome, emotionally conflicted, and an artist? Such a cliché. But that’s Mohammed Hindash for you. Hindash first found inspiration for art in his closest friends, and as heartwarming as that sounded, it was not as they started abandoning him for their newfound love interests that he sought comfort in art.


Growing up, Hindash didn’t exactly look up to any exemplar artists Iike Frida Kahlo or Van Gogh; he was definitely drawn towards beauty advertisements and fashion editorials, as their idea of perfection was magnified by their desperation to sell something that’s more than just an object; a feeling. Hindash believes that was the case because in a way he was trying to do the same thing. The female face held a certain fascination in Hindash’s eyes. He started out painting and then slowly moved to applying makeup, experimenting with different colors and textures on various skin tones.


The media has always lacked diversity, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty advertisements. Hindash aimed to change that and add a little more color and culture to the game. Moreover, he works with models that have facial structures unlike any you would typically find in the local news – and living in Dubai has certainly provided him with a huge variety of models from different backgrounds. With his talent for applying makeup, he aims to show the beauty of thick Arab eyebrows, a flat bridged Asian nose or an arched Lebanese nose, plump African lips or thin European lips.


With a burning passion for makeup application, Hindash claims that art “will never fall out of love with me and I will never fall out of love with it,” so other than a beautiful romance between him and his multicultural canvases, hopefully a change for beauty standards and the image for beauty is on the horizon.


Text by Hanan Abdulaal

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from Twitter.