Festivals are a highlight of the summer season, with wardrobe choices an inevitable discussion point. For boys and girls alike, garments bought specifically for the occasion dominate the festival with wavy shirts, crochet tops, and intriguing eyewear. However, with the unpredictable erratic nature of British weather, a day of burning sunshine can instantly deteriorate into abysmal downpour. Therefore, to pack as the ultimate festival expert we must learn to balance the Coachella couture with the practical necessities required to survive the Glastonbury gruel.


With the arrival of new trends, such as the famed glitter boob and chain skirts, and the recurrence of classic pieces, like high-waisted shorts, retro round ‘John Lennon’ glasses and paisley shirts, festivals represent simultaneously both integration and universality. This universal euphoria and widespread ambition to relish in a weekend packed with enjoyment is reflected in the vibrant clothing. Glitter, metallics and sequins reverberate throughout the festival. ‘Less is more’ is definitely a philosophy forgotten in regards to glitter. Each year the festival scene seems to evolve, from face paint to glitter and recently onto facial gems. For examples have a little glance at @thegypsyshrine, whose aim is to turn a person into a colourful piece of art.


Clothing stores have sections dedicated to festival fanatics. However, if your desired style cannot be fulfilled with highstreet brands, often vintage shops are the place to go. Offering more authentic and genuine garments, these items will be more likely to be individual with the obvious benefit of you being less likely to spot a cloned outfit out and about. Indeed, another exciting way of achieving a unique look is to request a company to literally make your crazy festival outfit ideas come to life. Although a little bit more expensive, you can go as mad or reserved as you desire. Companies that can create these custom designs should be checked out, for example @babydolclothing and @soul_sergeants.


Feeling like you need a bit of inspiration for the sassiest festival clothing? For some funky, groovy and slightly more crazy inventiveness explore the #festival tag on instagram. For a little needed spark of imagination from the queens of festivals go scout the accounts of @mikafrancis, @ginimisselbrook and @ttigerlilly, they’re pure magic.

Among the typical garments we would suggest you keep your eye out for to really jazz up your festival attire would be any garment that’s made out of mesh. In many shops a recurring style seen is embroidered mesh tops and dresses. A full length dress with floral embroidery would suit the festival season paired with a bralette and hot pants underneath. Adding some fishnets could also add an extra edge.


However, if you wanted to avoid the darker shades in the heat and reach into the vast array of rainbow colours at your disposal, perhaps look into purchasing a sequined crop top. Simultaneously bright and festival to a tee, you cannot really go wrong with this staple festival wardrobe piece. If you want to add more flavour to your outfit, flares will be sure to spice up your ensemble. Quite an eccentric piece, they give a beautiful silhouette through a retro twist.


Obviously, there are some accessories you can’t not bring to a festival. Camping has its ups and downs, sharing with friends can be a laugh but you are a victim to the elements. Ensure you purchase a waterproof coat; there are multiple you can get that exude the perfect festival vibe such as a clear plastic raincoat (to make certain your well thought-out outfit can still be noticed no matter the weather). Cheap plastic ponchos definitely wouldn’t go amiss!


Whatever clothing you decide upon, make it yours, and flaunt it with prowess.



Text by Florrie Reeves

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image taken from Pinterest.