It’s a necessary evil that at one point or another you will have to take part in a group presentation, and you will spend every minute hating it. Even if you don’t find public speaking a harrowing experience (do those people actually exist?) the loathed group presentation assignment is still probably one of the most dreaded moments of your time at university.

Of course, you never get to choose your own group, and you’re constantly told that in a real job you’ll have to do presentations all the time (not true), you somehow always end with these five people. But the question remains, which one are you?

  1. The One that does All the Work

There’s always one person who ends up doing the majority of the work, fact checking everyone else’s section and making sure you’re actually answering the question. They organise the meetings, they set up the shared google drive and end up putting the actual presentation together. Without this member of the group, the rest would probably fail. They are the reason you get a first, the rest of the group really owe this person big.


  1. The One that Never Shows Up

Without fail, there is always one member of your presentation group that comes up with a new excuse every time you’re supposed to be meeting. They may or may not email you a half written submission for the presentation and there’s no guarantee they’ll actually show up on the day. Honestly, it’s probably better to write this member of the group off.


  1. The One that Doesn’t Talk

This member of the group always shows up, they contribute to the presentation via email but for the most part they sit quietly in the corner, listening but definitely not talking. When it comes to the actual presentation, you’re all worried that they’ll choke and someone else will have to say their part. But to everyone’s amazement they speak! And hey, you can hardly complain that they’re quiet, at least they showed up and did the work!


  1. The One that Thinks they Know it All

In contrast to the one that does all the work, the one that thinks they know it all shows up to most of the meetings, does lots of research for their section of the presentation (even if most of it came from Wikipedia) and they’re really confident they’ll nail the public speaking. Of course, when it actually comes to it, their hands shake and they rush through it, and they’ll definitely tell their friends in another group that they did all the work. We have a love/hate relationship with this member of the group.


  1. The One that Wings it on the Day

They came to most of the meetings, and they had a lot to say but didn’t actually add anything to the shared google doc until 30 minutes before the deadline. They always skipped out on the rehearsals, so no one has any idea what they’re actually going to say. But they manage to pull it off in the last moment. It’s a miracle and you’re all just glad they showed up to be honest.


These are the five people you will inevitably end up in a presentation group with. Some are definitely more productive than others, but honestly you’ll all just be glad it’s over.

So, which one are you?


Text by Holly Butteriss

Picture research by Donna Darafshian; featured image from