Hayden Williams creates fashion illustrations prettier than any real- life outfit.


When it comes to capturing the best fashion moments, most people choose a camera, but this man opts for a pencil instead. Hayden Williams is a 24-year-old British fashion illustrator. His parents discovered his artistic abilities at the age of three and he hasn’t stopped creating art ever since. He frequently sketched Disney characters as a child, and as he got older, his drawing style matured; it was a natural progression into fashion illustration and design.


Williams’ fashion illustrations are absolutely gorgeous; not only does he capture the best looks, but also the various trends of every season. From models to street style stars and everything in between, Williams surely has an eye for all things fashion. While studying, he would share his sketches online to platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, garnering a strong fan base over time. Before long, the likes of Beyoncé and Oprah were showing love for his work. It is also evident that it’s not only the stars that seem interested in his illustrations, with over one million followers on Instagram, but it also ordinary people that love what he does.


Williams has already collaborated with Kate Moss, Rimmel London, and Disney for their famous Cinderella dress. However, Williams’s ambitions go further than just major movie pictures and cosmetic brands. The designer mentioned in a previous interview: “One of my ambitions is to have my own fashion label one day. I think becoming a full- fledged brand is something I am always working towards”.


Hayden Williams – “Updated Kate Moss illustrations for Rimmel London ‘Idol Eyes’ collaboration” (via haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com)

Hayden Williams - "Disney Divas for Vogue" (via http://haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com)

Hayden Williams – “Disney Divas for Vogue” (via haydenwilliamsillustrations.tumblr.com)

With his skills, this dream could easily become a reality. He posts his own sartorial creations to Instagram on top of sketching out existing style icons, so it looks like the sky’s the limit for this illustrator!


Text by Hanan Abdulaal

Picture research by Juliey Pham; featured image taken from theladylovescouture.com.