Anyone who stumbles across the Dear Deer page while scrolling through ASOS is in for a surprise. Far from the casual clothing that most students look for, the Dear Deer brand makes a big splash with bold prints, modern fabrics and lots of attitude.

The brand came together when founding members/designers/brains-behind-everything Gokhan, Zeyn and Andrey found each other and realised that they can turn their talent into a real-life occupation. As they declare in their ASOS description: “Everyone has different talents and we combined those and brought them into life with Dear Deer. We brought street fashion into our lives and worked very hard to present beautiful, flawless products.” With an emphasis on hand-drawn and hand-made designs, Dear Deer hopes that their clothes will bring good luck to whoever wears them.

Although the products are distinguished as male and female in terms of size, they have the same pattern and style. The intricate, vivid streetwear ascribes to genderless fashion and bares an undeniable air of cool; with a quick glance at the ASOS website, you can see the same jumper worn by a girl and a guy, but, whether paired with a leather miniskirt or a pair of trousers, the design remains unique and eye-catching. It’s the kind of clothes that you can wear casually anywhere and you are always going to get the ‘Where is this from?’ question.

Another unique aspect of the brand is its original name. According to the founders: “We wanted to reflect this genderless fashion in our logo and we gave our beloved Deer our own soul, brought it to life and made it one of us.” It is no wonder that the deer became the symbol of the brand, as the designers are inspired a lot by nature and alternative urban aesthetics. Other sources of inspiration include cinema, art, painting, drawing, sculpture and history; their success lies in being able to combine their individual interests and create something wearable, yet different from anything else we’ve seen so far.

As for your summer wardrobe, worry not – we got you covered! Dear Deer is working on a beachwear collection with different patterns, vivid colours and new characters that is guaranteed to make heads turn your way.




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Text by Alice Vily

Photography by Jocelyn Yih (Instagram: @jocelynyih)

Models: Vollbern Fernandes, Seun Oboite, Louis Cheuk and Kahema Mungili.


Special thanks to Dear Deer