It’s the start of our Easter holiday, a holiday which for many Surrey students, is actually just glorified study leave. So, now you’re free from the confines of lecture theatres or labs, where should you choose to pitch your intellectual tent and make a study home? Since the library is partially closed towards the end of the break, SUBCULTURED thought of 5 top places for you to knuckle down and concentrate in this Easter (eggs optional).

  1. The AP Labs

The computer labs in AP are normally pretty quiet, and you guessed it, full of computers. There won’t be any teaching in these labs since it’s the holidays, but they should still be open.

Pros: Close to the bus stop if you want to run away from your problems.
Cons: Can feel a bit stuffy if they’re busy, and obviously there aren’t any quiet corners so if people are being noisy, you just have to deal.


  1. Café’s and Pubs

If you’re someone who thrives working in a slightly uncomfortable environment (lots of other people, background noise, can’t wear your pjs) then cafes and pubs around Guildford are perfect for getting some focused studying in. There’s plenty of busy cafes around North and High Street, for those near Manor Park, Heart & Soul does cheap food and free Wifi. If pubs are more your scene, I’ve heard from a reliable and anonymous source (my boyfriend who works there), that Spoons does free re-fills on hot drinks. Amaze.

Pros: A kind of environment which forces you to concentrate so you look like you’re doing something *important*, not watching cat videos. Also, good if you’re feeling the typical studying pangs of loneliness, you can pretend that all the strangers there are your friends.

Cons: It’ll very rarely be quiet, you have to pay for food and drinks, and there isn’t always free/reliable internet.


  1. Your Own Home

It can send you a bit mad working at home for days on end because then apart from food shopping, there’s not really an excuse to leave. But, a day studying at home now and then can actually be a good thing, think PJ’s, unlimited food and drink, and not having to worry that someone else will be judging you whilst you procrastinate.

Pros: No one can see you, so you can be a slobbish as you like. Also, it’s probably quiet and peaceful, with reliable internet.

Cons: If you don’t leave the house for days you might forget what the outside looks like.


  1. Guildford Library

Honestly, I don’t know much about Guildford Library, other than it’s usually open 9:30-5:30 (or 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and is closed on Sundays.

Pros: It’s a quiet study space, close to lots of Guildford coffee shops and cafes.

Cons: It might be a library, but its not our library.


  1. The Lake

Ok, so most ‘where to revise’ articles include the lake and honestly, I don’t understand it because the temperature fluctuates, the lighting fluctuates, and there are loud people and bugs. But if you’re that way inclined, the lake can provide a nice outdoorsy spot for a bit of light revision and could be a good place for group revision sessions.

Pros: Fresh air, sunshine.

Cons: Not much of anything else you’d want for a revision spot.


Revising is a really personal activity and the perfect revision spot is different for every student. However you choose to revise, make sure it’s in a spot which is conducive to your productivity, not distracting you or driving you a bit crazy. Happy Revision xo.


Text by Katt Skippon

Picture research by Juliey Pham; featured image by @designbyaikonik on Instagram.