There’s nothing quite like a 9am lecture. Especially when you’re still in your pyjamas at 8:45. University life has its perks but sometimes things aren’t always smooth sailing. Laptops can crash, deadlines can hit, and you might suddenly realise that going out last night wasn’t the best idea. No one said university was going to be easy, but when you really need a burst of strength, here’s a list of 10 songs to get you through whatever university life throws at you.

  1. When you’re running late for a lecture: Europe: The Final Countdown

It’s hard to say what’s worse – the panic when you’re trying to get ready for a lecture in a fraction of the time that you should have, or actually walking in late and getting disapproving glances from just about everyone. Either way, The Final Countdown has a beat that can at least make you believe you’re getting ready fast enough. There is the chance that it’ll get you so pumped you’ll miss your lecture altogether, but I guess that’s down to you!

  1. When you’re just too tired to function: Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

Yes, it’s possibly one of the most emo songs of the Noughties that I’d expect most of you would already know. But if you can’t take it seriously, you can at least laugh so hard at the music video that you’ll wake yourself up. After an all-nighter you probably deserve a good giggle. And for those of you who will actually enjoy it, the chorus at least should be enough to give you a little bit of an energy boost.

  1. When you’re hungover: Nico & Vinz – That’s How You Know

After the huge success of Am I Wrong back in 2014, this song really encapsulates the feeling of just making a mistake. And for university students, partying a little too hard is generally a common occurrence. But if you find yourself with a banging headache and a dry mouth, at least be comforted that you didn’t make the mistakes the song talks about. It’s a shame you can’t really get a degree in awesome.

  1. When you’re revising: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

An old one, but a good one. There’s a lot of situations that this song could make you feel better about but it works particularly well for revision. Some people like to revise with music and others have to be in silence, but when you do need a break, hit this one up. If it doesn’t give you the motivation you need to get through those notes, chances are that nothing will (although it would be worth trying a nap or a snack). 80’s music can’t fix everything.

  1. When you’re dealing with friend drama: The Killers – Mr Brightside

What else would you listen to when you’re trying to deal with angst if not alternative rock? Whether it’s falling out with your roommates or friends back home, dealing with relationship troubles, or just the general drama of university life, this song can help you with it all. Most importantly, the general message of Mr Brightside is to stay optimistic no matter what, and that’s a good way to think about any situation.

  1. When you’re homesick: A Great Big World – Cheer Up!

A Great Big World gained mainstream popularity with their single Say Something, and this song is taken from that album. For a lot of people, being away from home in a strange environment is daunting and it can get you down. However this song, with it’s strong melody and simple lyrics are designed to fulfil the title of the song and give a sense of perspective. The whole album of Is There Anybody Out There? is definitely worth checking out if you need a boost.

  1. When you have a deadline: Bon Jovi: It’s My Life

When you have an assignment due in, nothing else seems to matter. Laundry, cooking, even just taking out the bins – who has time for that when you have something due in that very same day? Procrastination is a real issue. Sometimes it is tempting to go out or watch Netflix or do just about anything that isn’t what you really should be doing. However, an important thing to remember when you do have a deadline is what you’re doing it for – that degree. This song should help you remember that.

  1. When you’ve spent too much: Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars – Billionaire

It may seem like a bad idea to listen to a song about being rich when you’ve just spent £100 on grocery shopping. But if you really listen to it, it’s about the hopes and dreams of the guys singing. When you can’t see past the next month of paying rent, it’s good to remember that things hopefully, won’t always be that way. After all the effort you’re putting in, one can only hope to be wildly rich. It’s the dream!

  1. When you’re going out: Sia – Cheap Thrills

I think this one is self explanatory! But after all this talk about exams and revision, it’s only fair that we have a more positive one. Whether you’re getting ready alone or with a big group, this is a good one to get you going for a good time. And being a university student, cheap thrills are the only thrills we seem to be able to get. Go figure.

  1. When it all goes completely wrong: Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Possibly not the song you were expecting to see here! Everyone has their own favourite artists, songs and genres and that’s especially true for when everything really goes bad. But the funny thing about this song is that no matter how bad it is, at least it’s not this bad. And although this doesn’t always apply, sometimes what looks like a bad thing might not actually be as bad as it seems. Bad grades, stress and learning how to be an adult – none of that is fun. But in the end, you learn how to be you. And that is pretty ironic.

Text by Jess Madanayake